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Garena Free Fire and FF MAX’s OB37 patch had a long list of additions and optimizations. The November patch also followed the trend of previous updates and kicked off a new CS-Ranked Season.
It’s only been a few days since Clash Squad-Ranked Season 16 began, and players still have plenty of time to improve their tier. However, ranking up gets increasingly challenging with every tier. Hence, players need to follow some tips to safely rank push in CS-Ranked.
Here are some tips to rank up quickly in Garena Free Fire CS-Ranked Season 16:
Free Fire’s Clash Squad mode is engaging due to its fast-paced 4v4 setup. However, if gamers play with random squads, they may not be able to coordinate well, which can impact their final results. However, if players join a team they can play with regularly, they’ll be able to communicate and complement one another’s playstyles.
Apart from being more coordinated, regular squads also provide clarity regarding one’s role on the team. Once players have a designated team role (assaulter, medic, IGL etc.), they will always have a clear idea of what they should be doing at any given moment in a match.
The CS mode features a specific weapon store from which players can purchase guns after earning money at the end of each match. Therefore, choosing a weapon that suits the style of combat prominently seen in Clash Squad mode is essential.
Clash Squad matches usually feature close-range fights, so players will need a weapon like an SMG or a Shotgun for quick and easy kills. Players must pick a weapon they can operate easily that offers good results in close-quarter scuffles. They can also make use of effective gun combinations to attain Booyahs more frequently.
Players who are interested in getting better at the game should spend some time optimizing the control layout in Garena Free Fire or Free Fire MAX. They can adjust the HUD and use the popular template for grips like the four-finger or three-finger claw.
Once gamers customize their HUD layout, they must practice hard to hone their mechanical skill and muscle memory. Apart from the training grounds, players can use casual matches to practice with the new setup and gain combat experience.
Another tip that can be crucial for pushing the ranks in Clash Squad-Ranked mode is choosing a character ability that can have an impact in 4v4 combat situations. Skyler, Alok, K, D-Bee, and Jota are some effective characters for CS mode, but fans can pick alternatives that suit their playstyle.
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