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Garena Free Fire MAX’s OB37 patch rolled out last week, bringing the highly anticipated FFWS 2022-themed events with exclusive rewards to the community. Alongside these events, a Faded Wheel with the FFWS 2022 theme arrived on the FF/FF MAX servers to introduce the Guardian Drachen arrival animation.
Having officially begun on November 16, the “Dragon Skywing” Faded Wheel will go offline on November 23. Therefore, fans still have a few hours to grab the Drachen arrival animation alongside other rare items in Free Fire MAX by paying exactly 1082 (for all eight spins) diamonds.
Before heading to the step-by-step guide, readers can take a look at the price of each spin and the featured rewards in the Dragon Skywing Faded Wheel below:
Interested players can remove any of the two items listed above except the “Grand Prizes,” bringing the total number of items in the prize pool down to eight. Additionally, the Faded Wheel will remove any obtained items after each spin.
Here’s how you can grab the Drachen arrival animation in Free Fire MAX today (November 23, 2022):
Step 1: You must launch the Free Fire MAX app on your smartphone, tablet, or PC/laptop (only meant for Android emulator players).
As the OB37 update was released a few days ago, you must install the latest version before launching the application. After installing the latest app version, launch the same and download additional update files before heading to the next step.
Step 2: Sign into the game using your desired alternative/platform.
If you use the guest alternative to log into the game, bind your account to a specific social media platform to enable online data saving. Guest accounts often lose their in-game progress like stats, rank-up progression, purchases, diamonds, and more, upon uninstallation or updating.
Step 3: Once you have entered Garena Free Fire MAX, open the Luck Royale section and access the “Dragon Skywing” Faded Wheel tab.
Step 4: Before spinning, you must confirm the removal of two rewards from the prize pool.
Step 5: Draw rewards by spending diamonds on the Faded Wheel spins.
As mentioned before, one will need to make eight spins to grab all the rewards available, and each successive turn will be costlier than the previous one. One must also note that the Guardian Drachen arrival animation is the rarest item in the prize pool, so it will be the hardest to acquire as, in most cases, players will need to pay for all the spins.
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