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The popularity of Free Fire MAX and the regular version has helped Indian content creators scale new heights. Sanjay Patle, also popularly known by his YouTube channel name Kreation Army, is one of the upcoming creators on YouTube.
His channel has accomplished 784k subscribers, and his videos primarily revolve around upcoming content and events. Additionally, the YouTuber has amassed 34k followers on his Instagram handle as well.
Kreation Army’s Free Fire MAX ID is 1634326729. The Indian star has attained the following numbers in the battle royale title:
The Kreation Army has joined 650 solo games and come out undefeated on 27 occasions, which equals a win rate of 4.15%. With 937 frags to his profile and 197 headshots, he maintains a K/D ratio of 1.50 and a headshot rate of 21.02%.
The content creator has played in 2068 duo encounters and clinched 171 encounters, resulting in a win rate of 8.26%. In these games, he has also chalked up 3917 eliminations while securing 685 headshots, converting to a K/D ratio of 2.06 and a headshot rate of 17.49%.
Finally, the Kreation Army has amassed 424 Booyahs in 3273 squad matches, which takes his win rate to 12.95%. He has recorded 6969 kills and attained 1285 headshots, upholding a K/D ratio of 2.45 and a headshot rate of 18.44%.
The Indian star has featured in one solo match and has acquired one frag to maintain a K/D ratio of 1. Kreation Army has competed in 16 duo matches and bettered the opposition once to retain a win rate of 6.25%. He has taken down 39 opponents, with only five of these being recorded as headshots, to maintain a K/D ratio of 2.60 and a headshot rate of 12.82%.
He has also been a part of 42 ranked games in the current Free Fire MAX season and finished six times ahead of his opposition, retaining a win rate of 14.28%. The internet sensation has notched 138 eliminations and accrued 23 headshots, resulting in a K/D ratio of 3.83 and a headshot rate of 16.67%.
Note: Kreation Army’s Free Fire MAX stats were recorded when writing the article, and the numbers will change as the content creator features in more matches.
Social Blade estimates that Sanjay Patle earns between $771 and $12.3K every month through his Kreation Army YouTube channel. Similarly, annual earnings are anticipated to range from $9.3k to $148.1k.
Sanjay Patle started his YouTube channel a few years back, and currently has more than 300 uploads on the channel. This has resulted in more than 38.437 million views, alongside a massive following.
The channel had 200k subscribers by the second half of 2021 and 500k by the middle of 2022. Since then, Kreation Army has amassed more than two hundred thousand subscribers. As per Social Blade, in the previous 30 days, the channel gained almost 53,000 subscribers and 3.086 million views.
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