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Nitin FF, also known as Nitin Free Fire, is one of the most popular Free Fire content creators to emerge from the game’s Indian community. He generally uploads YouTube Shorts related to the battle royale title.
As of this writing, Nitin FF is on his path to 10 million subscribers. His YouTube channel currently has 9.62 million subscribers. The YouTuber’s overall view count has also surpassed the mark of more than 1.5 billion.
Disclaimer: Free Fire is banned in India, and players should avoid playing the game on their devices. Nitin FF’s stats and images below are taken from FF MAX, which wasn’t among the suspended applications.
Nitin FF’s Free Fire ID is 758139311, and his ID level in the game is 68. He is a part of the ITZ ESPORT guild, whose Guild ID is 1004800027.
The content creator is presently placed in Bronze I and Silver II in the Battle Royale and Clash Squad game modes. The stats maintained by him in different stated below:
Nitin FF has played 2090 solo games in the battle royale title and has 116 Booyahs, converting to a win percentage of 5.55%. He has notched up 3,878 kills at a K/D ratio of 1.96.
The content creator has also participated in 2,506 duo matches and has come out on top on 206 occasions, leading to a win rate of 8.22%. With 4,824 frags, he possesses a K/D ratio of 2.10.
The YouTuber has played 4,002 squad games, and his team has secured victories in 642 of them. He has a win ratio of 16.04% and has killed 8,334 enemies in the game mode to get a K/D ratio of 2.48.
In Free Fire’s ongoing ranked season, Nitin FF has not played a single match in any of the game types, solo, duo, and squad.
Within the Clash Squad game mode, Nitin FF has made 4,817 appearances and got 2,812 wins, translating to a win rate of 58.38%. He has accumulated 22,556 frags, upholding a KDA of 1.92.
Note: Nitin FF’s stats were recorded when writing the article (November 24, 2022). They are subject to change as he plays more matches in the battle royale title.
The Social Blade website shows Nitin FF’s monthly YouTube earnings between $24.9K and $398K. On the other hand, the YouTuber’s yearly income is projected to lie in the range of $298.5K to $4.8 million.

Nitin has actively posted videos on YouTube for quite some time, developing a large audience. His channel has 669 videos available, the earliest of which is dated August 2020. Out of all the total uploads, the most popular one has 17 million views.
As per Social Blade, Nitin FF has acquired 440,000 subscribers and 99.492 million views in the last 30 days, clearly highlighting his drastic growth. He also has another channel named NITIN OFFICIAL, where he possesses 256,000 subscribers. However, he has not uploaded a video on it in the past six months.
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